Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Blog...ah, recontinued

Things have been a bit quiet around these blogging parts in recent times but fear not for TomTom should be announcing an upcoming date for Sligo soon enough - and, indeed, we're very much in the head down, planning stage for how we want to put on our parties in general. We're looking forward to getting back on the decks after our first night and playing some of the tunes we've been tweeting as our 'Song of the Day'. Hopefully you've been checking them out and liking what you hear.

The blog is an obvious platorm for self-promotion but we also want to create a site around the things we love. Expect to see upcoming posts in the next few weeks along the likes of: DJ Spotlights; remixes of the week; the 'Losing My Edge': Explained series; some album reviews; and various other randomness and bits and bobs.

Right now I'd like to big-up a really great blog - Funky16Corners, a treasure trove of old funk and soul records with many superb mp3s and mixes posted from the original vinyl since its inception in 2004. Check it out...

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