Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy birthday you old bum...

Okay, Tom Waits does not do disco. Yet. But posting here nonetheless because the Great Man just hit 60 and that's something to celebrate. It doesn't all have to be about dancing music here, right?
     Saw him last year for an exorbitant price in a big tent in Phoenix Park but it was worth it alone for the unexpected pleasure of witnessing Waits solo at the piano, crooning one of my favourites: '(Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night' and God knows I may not get the chance again seeing as he probably prefers to spend most of his time cooked up in the house mysteriously mucking with machines and music. Plus he was bloody hilarious (wish I could remember some of the stage patter here but I know the live album just out for the tour a features a bonus disc collecting his non-musical musings so I  an remind myself later maybe).

I won't say much else other than earlier today I read that he might do some more acting and stick on the latex socks to play a hobbit next year. Can't wait. Here's some more choice vids:

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