Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Remix of the Week: Holy Fuck do things to Röyksopp

Next one in a nominally weekly series. We take a remix, re-work, re-edit - whatever - and big it up so you might then listen to it. The track doesn't have to be new or anything but usually it should stand-up to or even better the original. Usually it'd be a track we'd spin on a TomTom night - but don't hold us to that either!

For some reason, Icelandic band Röyksopp don't seem very interesting to me. Someone gave me their second album when it came out and I didn't listen to it (sorry Liam). In fairness, they did a great mix of a Kings of Convenience song a few years back and that one 'Eple' off their first (?) album is always nice to hear now and then - especially the Scratch Attack mix.  (Hello Aran McMahon!)

The original of 'Happy Up Here' is not bad I suppose. It bounces along airily for a couple minutes; has an indistinct vocal that might allude to the title; and will probably be used in an ad to sell you insurance before the end of the year.  The 12" for some REALLY ANNOYING REASON does not include the "Re-interpretation" by Toronto's analogue zealots Holy Fuck, though it does have about fourteen other versions of the song crammed in there. A lazy kick drum ushers in its groovesome three and three-quarter minutes; whooshing panning noises strafe the speakers; and then the sparring Low-era Bowie synths jostle with a bassline to crumble your corn flakes. There might be a Dyson in there at one stage. It's a belter. Job's a good'un.

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