Thursday, November 12, 2009

On to the next one: TomTom November

November 21st and we are back in Sligo for our third party and once again we set up shop upstairs at Tobergal Lane Cafe. We're well happy to return to the scene of our last party where, in the end, we weren't too far from filling the place.

That night saw Liam take to the decks for the first hour and a half or so for a very nice mix of scene-setters (Arthur Russell, Grace Jones, Röyksopp/Kings of Convenience) and then I came on the decks in slightly less subtle fashion to (ahem) play some classics. It was a good night we think - bodies were moving, balloons were popping, er, records were even skipping. But let us know if you think we can do more - click that comment link at the bottom, go on, go on.

The upstairs venue at Tobergal offers an intimate setting and attracts good heads and even some familiar faces, which is always nice. We're hoping for more of the same and even more besides in little over a week. Expect more balloons, tunes, and maybe even a free gift for those in early doors (that's 10.30pm). We'll be there til 2am or thereabouts. Do say hello.

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