Friday, November 13, 2009

Remix of the Week: WhoMadeWho kick out the tunes

Next one in a nominally weekly series. We take a remix, re-work, re-edit - whatever - and big it up so you might then listen to it. The track doesn't have to be new or anything but it should stand-up to or even better the original. Usually it'd be a track we'd spin on a TomTom night - but don't hold us to that either!

It's usually LCD Soundsystem man James Murphy who turns whatever he touches into gold, but in the case of his and LCD colleague Nancy Wang's collaboration with electro-rockers Munk (aka Mathias Modica), it's a bunch of Danes who turn on the greatness on this occasion. I can't say I know much about WhoMadeWho; they're presumably named after an AC/DC song; the little I have heard since this remix of a song call 'Kick Out the Chairs' hasn't come close to the cowbell funk brilliance of their re-imagining of that tune. In fact, so good is the instrumental track they slide underneath the vocals here that you wonder why these guys did not keep the song for themselves; but there's the rub - the selfless beauty of the truly great remix and whole point of this regular post.

So, the Munk original mix is decent in its own respect - twangy, menacing eletrco-rock lynch-pinned by the LCD co-vocalists possibly talking spontaneous gibberish but making sense in their own hipsterish way. But it doesn't hold a candle to what came later - those vocals were made for WhoMadeWho's addictive groove. The original is rendered truly moot in the best possible way. Check it out for yourself:

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